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I have revised the Numbers Station Document to include Numbers Relay Pages and some of my own fictional Numbers Relay Pages too.

Telecomix Intergalactic
Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau Erebus Network Project

The Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau under the order of Cipher Cat has deployed the Erebus Project. The Erebus Project is a series of covert Numbers Stations that are scattered across the land in a complex network of terminals utilizing the highly classified TCMB CYPHER Crypto System.

This network of covert shortwave radio stations is connected to a central network of closed loop Erebus Network Lines that cannot be tapped into and are totally hack proof and magically shielded. But they also have satellite comm lines too as a back up. These secure lines are used to send the messages to be broadcasted out to each station. They are also used to send the random seed values generated by the Cryptographically Secure Pseudo Random Number Generator (CSPRNG) in each terminal in the event of a Cypher Compromise. These lines are encrypted with a special Crypto System called Cyber Saber.

This open source tiny algorithm is able to be forged into your own personal crypto algorithm. Darken Rahl forged the Cyber Saber that is used in the Erebus Lines. He wrote a special One-Time Pad based Stream Cipher that uses special One-Time Key Files consisting of random binary data generated with a processor that has dual Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) built into the die itself. QRNGs use the unpredictability of photons to generate truly random sequences of numbers. These are not Pseudo-Random in anyway.

These Key Files are used encrypt and decrypt the messages sent across the lines. After a message or seed value is sent to a station, the Key Files are securely erased and changed automatically by the system. The Key Files themselves are stored in tamper proof secured cryptographic modules and cannot be accessed by the users or any unauthorized hardware and software. There are Anti-Magic Components in these chips which will vaporize them if they come in contact with any form of magical energy. The Key Files will self destruct if the chip is tampered with in anyway.

Each Station uses the One-Time Pad in order to remain perfectly secure. Unlike the QRNGs used to generate the Key Files, the CYPHER Crypto System uses CSPRNGs to generate the Cyphers. However, the random seed vales used to feed the CSPRNGs do use QRNGs to ensure that the seed values are unpredictable. These seed values are then sent via the Erebus Lines to all the other stations to ensure that we don’t have to issue pads unique to each station.

The Original CYPHER Crypto System was cracked on Middle Earth due to a Zero Day Exploit that we had no idea even existed. The Erebus Lines were not compromised themselves.

Each Cypher has a unique identifier called the Key Fingerprint. This identifies exactly what the Cypher File is in use. It is generated by encrypting the Random Seed Value and then sending it across the Erebus Lines as a Ciphered Message Authentication Code (CMAC). It used a special Block Cipher called the Telecomix Encryption Standard (TES) however it was operating in Electronic Code Book (ECB) Mode. This is a very insecure mode and not to mention it used 128 bit keys which is not really secure now a days. Because of this weak encryption scheme it was possible to extract the Random Seed from the Key Fingerprint. Once you have the Seed you can create an exact clone of the Cypher File. Also the CSPRNG was compromised too due to it being a software based RNG.

An example of this is shown below.

Key Fingerprint: 0×1D078D43544145770D2FF055F1D6598A3761D972
CSPRNG Value: 0xF2BE1FC7B6EF1463057C0CB658AF88CC

As a result we updated the CYPHER Crypto System to include two other input values. But first we changed the system to use the terminal’s built in Dual QRNGs to generate the Random Seed Value and use that Seed to create an Initialization Vector (IV) for the new TCMB Polymorphic Mutating Block Cipher which is a fork of the Digital Fortress Polymorphic Mutating Encryption Algorithm. This is a cipher that operates on Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) Mode by default. This one uses a Polymorphic Engine with a QRNG to enhance the Rotating Cleartext Function. Then the operator enters a User Defined Key to further scramble the Random Seed Value and the IV. Finally all of this is used to generate the Key Fingerprint.

An example of the new system is shown below.

Key Fingerprint: 0×371B62A0CBB78CBACE936E0D5674E550C517ED5E
QRNG Value: 0×86937C774E6C11874008DE6C784B9BF0
IV: 0×85D6E58A46C3ED59F2B7F9A39865A618
User Defined Key: 0×7438DA33EBE97E9782299FAC29D6DC22

Each terminal uses the Telecomix Cipher Operating System with the Marutukku Cryptographically Secure and Deniable File System. To ensure that the keys are not compromised, the Marutukku File System has been modified to become a RAM File System. If the station is compromised and the power is cut off or the computers are damaged, the files are wiped from the system because of the fact that RAM is wiped every time the computer is powered off.

To begin a broadcast, first you input a series of randomly assigned numbers that are converted into HEX values to begin the initialization process of the Cypher. This will determine the values for a iteration of the Cypher. There are multiple iterations for each Cypher File. The core of this system lie in a series of blocks. Cypher Blocks and Key Blocks. For each Cypher Block there are 5 Key Blocks. In total there are 8 Cypher Blocks and 40 Key Blocks.

Once the IV values are entered they are XOR’d with the pre determined QRNG values in the Cypher Blocks. The Cypher Blocks are in charge of the distribution of the values for the Key Blocks. Each Cypher block based on the current QRNG seed built in then uses a CSPRNG to distribute the keys to each Key Block. This function is used to obfuscate the distribution of the keys to ensure that no pattern appears.

Once this is done then you have your Cypher mostly completed. Now you can broadcast the numbers and the computer will handle the permutations of the Key Blocks as you broadcast the message. You will have enter the sub key values after each group is sent. The terminal utilizes biometric voice recognition software to prevent unauthorized people from broadcasting false messages.

The Cypher File can be securely downloaded and saved to an external device although is not recommended that you do this as you risk the file being compromised. If you have to save the file to another system then you should save it to a secured cryptographic device that has no network interfaces wired or wireless. One such device would be the ultra secure Iron Key USB flash drive with a built in secured secure cryptographic module and a tamper proof design. You will have to perform the permutations manually if the Cypher File is on an external device but before you can do that, you must load the Cypher File into the station terminal.

The reason you must perform the permutations manually is because of the fact that when the Cypher File is downloaded, the CYPHER Software will automatically alter the Cypher’s Hash Checksum with a flag that indicates the file was downloaded and thus possibly compromised. If this flag is detected by the computer then the distribution of the Key Blocks from the Cypher Blocks will come directly from the QRNG instead of the CSPRNG. So you will have to calculate the permutations manually.

Each person who is a Field Agent will be issued a One-Time Pad to decrypt the messages.

Officially these stations do not exist.

The other part of the Erebus Program are the Numbers Relay Pages (NRPs). These are minimalist pastebin type sites that allow people to post Numbers Messages. These sites are public and everyone with an outernet connection can enter and post a message. Everyone is free to read all the messages but only those with the correct One-Time Pad can decrypt them. IP addresses are not logged and they can be hosted on just about every computer or cloud service that is capable of web hosting. Connections are routed randomly across the outernet to avoid tracking. All you have to do is type in a username in the name field and paste your Numbers Message into the paste field and hit Send Paste. Your Numbers Message will then be sent to the server and ready to be read. Each post will look like this:


Message posted by WAR10CK on January, 01, 2014 at 5:00:32 EST

Number 114
Group 034

04090 03403 29286 20356 38122 33628 55375
52145 01500 99398 83458 04554 59754 96338
86434 49249 93679 64770 62798 19244 44996
19794 49378 27271 80437 14363 98605 24798
56999 85443 72665 99182 64776 49871

NOTE: You can format the Numbers Message in any way you like.

A few of the available NRP Pages recommended by Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau are as follows:

NumbersBin >> NumbersBin API, OTR, No IP Logs
AnonNumbers >> ZeroBin PHP Software, OTR, No IP Logs
TheNumbersStation >> DoxBin API, OTR, No IP Logs
TorNumbers >> DoxBin API with .onion domain, OTR, No IP Logs
I2Numbers >> DoxBin API with .i2p eepsite domain, OTR, No IP Logs
PasteNumbers >> ZeroBin PHP Software, OTR, No IP Logs
Telecomix Numbers Relay Page >> TCMB PasteBin API, .anon domain, OTR, No IP Logs
Cryptoanarchy Numbers Relay Page >> TCMB PasteBin API, .anon domain, OTR. No IP Logs

The best one is NumbersBin because it uses the TCMB PasteBin API maintained and developed by Telecomix Intergalactic and the TCMB. The TCMB PasteBin API is a modified PasteBin API that allows for Off The Record connections and never logs IP Addresses EVER! It also allows for the new TCMB-Numbers-Web-Station that is a Sound Cloud/Web Radio Podcasting Service. This is a new service that just exited beta that allows you to run your own Audio Numbers Station on the web as a podcast. You can transmit anything you want and use Voice, Morse Code, Polytone MFSK, and Digital Transmission sound formats. All audio sent to the service will be encoded in and or converted to the lossless .wav format. The NumbersBin Service is run by the WAR10CK. The URLs are as follows:


Besides these intergalactic URLs, The WAR10CK has released the source code for NumbersBin. His new NumbersBin API is now ready for download at any of the NumbersBin URLs or the Source Forge page numbersbin.sourceforge.nerr

Now anyone can run their own NumbersBin service. The NumbersBin API even supports the TCMB-Numbers-Web-Station! Here are some of the following new NumbersBin services that have been created now:


NOTICE: NRPs are for Numbers Messages ONLY! Only Encrypted Messages and or discussions about relaying encrypted messages are allowed to be posted. This is not your own blog nor is it a pastebin that you leave your random unrelated stuff on. Anything that is not Numbers Related may be deleted!

Same with the TCMB-Numbers-Web-Station. It is not a place for you to run your own talk/squawk radio show or pirate music station. You must include Numbers Messages routinely. All audio on the station is not live and one way only. So for example, running a music station or talk show with Numbers Messages in it is ok. Streaming the Alex Jones Show with absolutely no Numbers Content is not.

A example of what this means is this: One of the regulars is the Voice of Northrend, it consists of the following:
A introduction and announcements segment, some news and entertainment segments, some Numbers Messages, some more misc content, and finally a conclusion segment.

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