Space Pirate Science

Middle Earth Infrastructure Status Report 4
Linux FTW!

Middle Earth Infrastructure Status Report No. 04

All of the Middle Earth infrastructure has been finalized in the Elvish Sector at this stage. We are now installing the Linux OS on all terminals and computers in the facilities and teaching the Elves how to install, boot, deploy, and use Linux. They are really good at this and are catching on with minimal issues.

Credit and thanks goes to the Gnomes for developing the GNU Network Object Model Enviroment or GNOME as a Graphical User Interface.

We are amazed at the fact that they can use the Command Line Interface with ease. Their hands just fly across the keys and they have almost no need to use the GNOME Interface. Unlike other races such as Trolls, Goblins, and Orcs who can’t type commands for crap. So they rely on GNOME almost exclusively.

Our Supercomputer System known as The Wiz is being hooked up right now even as we speak. It will be using Beowolf Clustering method because it is the most well known and most popular method for Supercomputing clusters. Its parallel processing capabilities are the best in the field.

They Elves have chosen to use the Debian Distribution for its many packages. Personally Darken Rahl uses the Backtrack 5 R3 Distribution for its hacking capabilities. We are surprised that they did not decide to use Red Hat as it is the most common one out there.

The Trolls, Goblins, and Orcs all chose the Ubuntu Distribution for its ease to use obviously. This is because they are not that intelligent when it comes to technology and it is very hard for them to learn.

End of line.

Middle Earth Infrastructure Status Report 5
Linux FTW

Middle Earth Infrastructure Status Report No. 05

Already the people of Middle Earth are inventing new standards for computers.

The Elves have created a new file format for use in computers. The Executable and Linkable Format or ELF format is a universial executible file format compatable with most operating systems.

The Dwarves have also invented a sophisticated universal debugging data format called Debugging With Attributed Record Formats or DWARF. So far they have made improvements to the format in DWARF-3 but they expect to deploy there next version 4 after they complete the beta testing.

We now know that the wizards use Linux Distros called Sorcerer or Source Mage.

We will report more on this when we have more information.

End of line.

Campaign: Space Pirate Science: Extermination
Pray for the people trapped inside. Prey that they never get out.

Inside an underground Orc fortress complex the Space Pirate Science Team found deposits of raw blue Phazon a couple hundred meters under it. Taking the opportunity to use this, a large research facility was constructed adding three more levels to the complex, and the orcs already inside would make ideal test subjects. Additionally safeguards were installed in fortress levels too in order to prevent incidents from occurring.

So while the orcs were conducting their usual cruel business, unknowingly beneath their feet the Science Team is working around the clock running experiments and doing research on all sorts of different lifeforms.

One day during a Phazon infusion experiment with an Orc whip torturer, the subject broke out of its status tank and escaped. The alarms all through the dungeon while the security command center displayed in ruby red text: CONTAINMENT BREACH! BIOHAZARD WARNING!.

A scientist working in the lab where the orc was running loose called security command over the red phone. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! SEAL THE BUILDING NO ONE IN OR OUT!” the man said over it.

At that moment, large blast resistant containment doors started sliding out of the walls throughout the entire facility, sealing off every sector one by one. The workers and scientists who try to flee become trapped behind the containment doors with no way out.

Meanwhile the orcs and other lifeforms in the other areas escape their containment units as well and feed on the people trapped inside the quarantine lockdown. Containment doors that were installed in the fortress levels begin to close and panic begins to spread throughout. Everyone in the fortress attempts to escape but are either killed in the chaos or trapped. Some are even crushed by the containment doors while struggling to get through them.

Only one person makes it out of the complex as the last containment door slams shut behind her. Now this survivor who made it out said the fortress and the laboratories beneath are filled with dangerous monsters that could potentially escape the facility despite the blast doors blocking off all sectors. And if they do, then the land is forever screwed.

Now she is seeking out the strongest and most valiant warriors and people to enter the fortress and slay every escaped experiment inside.

Untill then, prey for the people trapped inside. Prey that they never get out.

Space Pirate Log no. 1.452.52
The Temple of Illumination.

By Jordan Trujillo.

Chapter 1: The City of Light

It was a huge climb up the colossal mountains of the earth kingdom. Crimson Demon and Sekmeleon Oria were walking to a sacred place.

“Where are you taking me Crimson Demon?” said Sekmeleon who was getting tired of walking. “To a very special place Sek, Actually is a place you might have heard about before. Are you aware of a person called the avatar?” said Crimson Demon. “Yeh he’s the last air bender on the planet. What about him?” Sekmeleon asked.

“I know where he lives.” said Crimson. “NO WAY! No you don’t, no one knows that!” said a skeptical Sekmeleon. “Oh I forgot to tell you a lot of stuff went on during your confinement in the seal sphere. I let you out because you were deemed not a threat to the public anymore.” Crimson Demon said with a smug grin. “BUT” he said in a stern voice, “if you go on another rampage again, like in the T-Rex Demon incident, I will have you returned to the seal sphere.”

“I am capable of doing that you know, just like I did with Marilarnu & Javara in the Dark Combat incident. So don’t say you weren’t warned.” Sekmeleon gulped and nodded without a word.
“Oh and those two are terrified of you now because of that little incident, so nice job on that hero.” Crimson Demon said sarcastically.

The two continued the hike but Sekmeleon said he needed to take a break. Crimson Demon agreed and the sat on a bench like rock. Sekmeleon took out his water sack and drank while Crimson Demon sat down too. “So enlighten me on how you know where the avatar lives.” said Sek. “Oh yeh, right” said Crimson. “Well, you see it’s not as simple as you think.” he said.

He pulls out a bronze medallion and hands it to Sekmeleon. It displays a 13 level pyramid with a glowing eye at the top of it. There are also 2 Latin words on either side of the eye saying ANNUIT COEPTIS. Also at the bottom in a banner is the Latin phrase NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

“This is the Temple of Illumination. It’s a secret sanctuary constructed before the fire kingdom wars, by a secret society known as the Illuminati. It serves as a HQ to them and a sacred place where the 4 elements are united as one.” said Crimson Demon.

“Oh that’s right, The place where all the kingdoms are united as one.” Sekmeleon said. “I read about it in a scroll in the great library. But it’s just a legend. No one has ever found it.” he said. “Well I am ready. Let’s continue on shall we?” Sekmeleon said. Crimson Demon agreed and they resumed walking.

Five hours later they reached the top of the mountain and looked at the area ahead. “This is it. We have arrived.” said Crimson Demon. In the valley below there was a towering pyramid with a massive city surrounding it. A great lake was to the east, a volcano to the west, a windy area to the north, and a dense jungle to the south. At the top of the pyramid is a giant glowing fiery eye floating above.

Sekmeleon was in shock as he looked at it. “Oh… My… God… It is real.” he said in wonder.
Crimson Demon walked up to Sekmeleon and said “Welcome to the City of the Enlightened Ones. Yes its beautiful is it not? This is the place that I wanted to show you. The reason no one found this place is because no one knew where to look.”

Chapter 2: Security and the ASE

As Sekmeleon headed forward Crimson Demon cried “NO WAIT, STOP!!! YOU’LL GET…” but it was too late. Sekmeleon felt a chill as a rough monstrous voice in his mind said "SEKMELEON ORIA DEMON PRINCE OF THE 8TH HELL, YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!!” He immediately froze and saw the eye staring right at him and glowing brighter than before. Crimson Demon pushed him out of the way, as a fiery beam of light shot out of the eye burning off the left side his armor and the hairs of his skin.

The beam of light passed harmlessly through Crimson Demon as he said something in an unknown language. The eye immediately turned to his direction and after more nonsensical talking the glow return to normal and the eye went back to watching the lands.

Sekmeleon who was shocked stood up and was breathing rapidly and heavily. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!” he gasped. “The cities defense system.” said Crimson Demon calmly. “That is the all seeing eye formerly known as the eye of Sauron. It did not recognize you and thought that you were an enemy.” he said. “Why did it not burn you?” Sekmeleon asked. “Because it doesn’t harm people it knows as friends.” Crimson Demon said.

“What!?! You are friends with these people!?!” said Sekmeleon. “Yes because I helped build this place. I am the one who designed the plans for the entire area.” said Crimson Demon. “NO WAY!!! THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!” exclaimed Sekmeleon. “It is Sek. It is.” said Crimson.

“So shall we proceed to the city Sekmeleon?” he said. “I don’t know, I don’t wanna get fried by that eye again.” Sekmeleon said nervously. Crimson Demon assured him “Don’t worry I told the eye that you are a friend of mine.” “However” he said sternly, “it said that you are not to transform into any type of demon while in this or any other area it watches. Or else it will see you as a foe and attack without warning. GOT IT!?!”.”Yes" said Sekmeleon. “Good” said Crimson.

They both proceeded down the mountain and into the dense jungle. As they were walking Sekmeleon said "Hey Crimson Demon do you mind if I ask you a question.” “Sure” Crimson said "fire away.” “Is there any other way into this place besides this mountain path?” Sekmeleon asked.

“There are only 3 ways into this place. The first is the main gateway over there.” Crimson Demon pointed south, to an ornate gateway cut into the mountain with large doors controlled by a complex locking mechanism. Next he pointed to another gateway to the east with a harbor. There were also large doors blocking the way in.
“The second one is the lake harbor over there. Finally the path we took is the third way.” he said.

6 hours later when they arrived at the first entry point Sekmeleon looked at it. It is huge with large ornate stone carved doors, each showing half of a diamond shaped figure. “These doors are actually 6 feet thick solid steel. The stone serves as a coating over the emblem and door. Right now the doors are open because there is no threat in this sector. But when an army tries to attack, these doors are locked down and the eye will attack anything trying to breach them.” Crimson Demon said.

6 hours after that they arrived at the second entry point he saw massive doors secured by another complex locking system blocking off the lake entry area. “These doors are also made of 6 foot thick solid steel. But these are always closed unless supply ships pass through. The eye also watches this door too.” Crimson Demon explained.

“Any types of hostile attacks from outside forces will attract the attention of the eye. Also the all seeing eye can focus on multiple things at once and attack them too. So this city is impossible to attack.” he said.

Sekmeleon asked why was this city built. Crimson Demon explained "During the wars we needed a secret location that the 4 kingdoms can come together and discuss matters between them.

So I came up with plans for a remote city with a great temple, but that was not enough for that friggen fire kingdom and their stupid machines might be able to breach the city. So we needed a safe guard to protect the city from any threat it might face.

Now using the Illuminati’s infiltration capabilities, we managed to steal Sauran’s all seeing eye and place it at the apex of the city to serve as a guard that watches not only the city itself but all the sacred cities and locations too.“.”So let’s go to the temple.” said Crimson. “Ok.” said Sekmeleon.

As they approached the pyramid someone ran into Sekmeleon. Sekmeleon got real mad and transformed into the wolf demon mazaku and tore him apart spraying blood everywhere. The eye immediately became brighter and focused on him. Then it let him have it with a fiery laser blast.

A black and smokey Sekmeleon changed back to normal and was a little shocked. “O…k. So you weren’t kidding when you said that.” said Sekmeleon. “Why, did you think that I was kidding!?!” Crimson asked. “Because I did not think that you had the capabilities to do something like that” Sekmeleon said. “It was not me that did that. Blame the eye. Oh and I wouldn’t advise attacking it either cuz it is impossible to kill” Crimson Demon explained. Sekmeleon decided wisely to move on.

The two stepped up to the temple doors and they were huge. The massive locking mechanism was really complex. As Crimson Demon approached the doors he placed the medallion in a recess on the door. The doors carvings instantly lit up with a green glow revealing a hidden symbol the pyramids emblem. It was an ambigram of all the elements EARTH AIR FIRE WATER united in a diamond shape.

“Is that the…” Sekmeleon asked. “Yes it is the symbol for the Illuminati diamond.” Crimson replied cutting him off. The diamond was placed here for safe keeping after the Firedagger incident. This was the only place that it can be hidden safely from any evil.

A large floating icon of a pyramid with rings around the eye on top appeared on the door. He aligned the rings and they disappeared. The temple door’s locking system clanked open and they slowly slid open revealing the beautiful antechamber. The center of the floor was a masterpiece of art, the temple emblem made with multiple colors of marble tile along with the ILLUMINATI ambigam made of solid platinum inset in the middle. On each corner of the emblem was the ambigrams each element. EARTH made of solid brown topaz, AIR made of solid diamond, FIRE made of solid ruby, and WATER made of solid sapphire. Fountains and waterways adorn the sides and corners of the chamber. 4 doors in the room lead to the other areas of the temple. One leads to each sector dedicated to one element. Each door has the Illuminati diamond ambigram on it. But each door has the element of its sector colored in on the diamond with the elements color.

Sekmeleon was amazed at the size of the place and was looking at the ornate floor. “These stones must be worth a fortune” he said. “Yes they are.” Crimson replied. "And don’t even think about looting this place. It has safe guards to protect the Illuminati’s sacred treasures.”

“Like what, traps?” asked Sekmeleon. “That and even better.” Crimson Demon said pointing to one of many red and blue chaos emerald sized gems dotting the whole place. They had what looked like moving eyeballs inside them.

“Those sentinel utility crystals are connected to the all seeing eye. They are scattered throughout the temple. They will fire deadly lasers at anyone who is a threat or a trespasser. These “eyes of ra” cannot be destroyed by anything. Also it is impossible to hide from them because they are every ware.

Also the all seeing eye and the safe guards are completely immune to magic so it is useless against them. Any raiding parties will be destroyed by the eye before they can even cross the city limits and no armor or protection magical or not can deflect the eyes and the cities defenses." explained Crimson.

Sekmeleon also took note of the solid gold Illuminati diamond ambigram on the main chamber ceiling. In the court yard there were space pirates practicing the art of earth, air, fire & water bending. Sekmeleon looked at the blood red Tarkatan samurai warrior. “Uh why?” he said motioning toward the space pirates.

“Oh yeah, their training to become part of a new special forces unit called the elemental elite. This is just a little side project I was working on and it has a very high success rate and I am hoping to get them on the field soon.” Crimson replied. After going through several more chambers and tunnels, opening and closing doors, Sekmeleon and Crimson Demon approach a very large stone door. A large sentinel crystal was on the door, it was focused mostly on Sekmeleon which was creeping him out. “Uh Crimson, why is that crystal staring at me?” he asked nervously. "Because it doesn’t know you well. The ASE is very suspicious of anyone entering the avatar’s chamber, do anything that it finds threatening and it will vaporize you.

The Crimson Demon revealed a control panel and interacted with it. This caused a ton of eyes in the walls, ceiling, and floor to open. Those eyes started to emit red laser beams and move random directions. Sekmeleon was yelling a lot of ouches, yows, and owws. “Oops, wrong code!” the demon said. He then inputted the sequence again and the lasers shut off and eyes closed. The door then hummed as the symbols glowed showing the illuminati ambigrams and temple seal. It then quietly opened up and they both stepped through.

They are now in the outer room where another door identical to the first one was blocking the way. Like the other one, a large sentinel crystal was on it and once again it was staring at the wolven warrior exclusively. This room was also covered with those laser eyes but these are still closed. “BTW demon what were those laser eyes that were burning me in that last room?” he asked. “Those were Sentry-eyes.” he explained. “They are part of the temple security systems. They are located in the high security areas of the temple. They are triggered by the presence of intruders and once activated they emit high intensity lasers that will burn through any part of the body that touches them.”

“They are in constant motion and the movements improvise randomly so it is impossible to dodge them. The speed and direction of the beams movement is totally random so it’s impossible to plan a way through them. they cannot be destroyed and magic will not affect them nor will it protect things from them. Also once the temple security systems are activated, an automatic lockdown is triggered and so is the alarm system too. When the alarms are activated security is alerted and will close in on all intruders in seconds. If anyone spots something suspicious they can trigger the alarms by remote.”

Chapter 3: The Avatar

“Well I guess the security here is insane like they say.” Sekmeleon said as the Crimson Demon was opening the door. “Got it.” the demon said as the second door glowed and opened. As they both stepped inside the door closed behind them and they were in a large open chamber with a large view of the outside. They saw a small boy wearing symbols meditating in the center of the open area. “So this is the demon prince of the eighth hell.” The boy said as Sekmeleon freaked out. "I saw what you did to that man on the way to this temple and advise you to never do that again!”

Ticked off and spooked Sekmeleon began to transform and yelled at him saying “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU LITTLEYYYEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!” he screamed as a powerful stream of electricity shot through his body causing him to light up like a Christmas tree. “I am the avatar, the last air bender on earth. I can see everything Sekmeleon Oria!” the boy said as he let him go.

“Was that that stupid glowing fire eye again?” Sekmeleon asked. The avatar told him that he was the one who zapped him because he was defending himself. “Now welcome Sekmeleon Oria, to the city of light! I have been expecting you.” the avatar responded. “Been eating humans again haven’t you Da…MMMPPPPPPPHHH!!!” “Don’t tell him my real name. You will blow my cover!” said the demon with his hand over his mouth.

A few minutes later the avatar told Sekmeleon that the Crimson Demon brought him here to help find an artifact hidden in the sub sectors below the temple.”The space pirates are inspecting the lower levels but cannot find it so you gotta help them because you are a demon and so you might be able to find it. Also some prince called Valgar is in the outer room. I can’t shut off the laser defenses ether so you will have to deal with this yourself.” the kid said, The Crimson Demon went to the door steaming mad mumbling “Stupid prince how’d he get in here!?!".

He turned on the computer screen and the outer room feed came up. Valgar was seen doing a torturous break dance. “HEY DEMON DO YOU MIND GIVING ME A HAND HERE?” he shouted. “First of all how did you get in here?” the demon asked. Valgar told him that he was visiting the city when he saw the Crimson Demon open the pyramid. So he followed him inside and was hoping he would lead him to the avatar so he could challenge him to mortal kombat and prove he was invincible.
But he did not expect security like this to show up and, however he was cut off by him turning off the computer feed.

“So what’s up with him?” Sekmeleon asked. “Oh just something about trying to pick a fight with the avatar and what not. So any way you were saying?” the Tarkatan said smugly. “It appears that a very powerful artifact was hidden in the ruins located in the lower levels of the city but the problem is that it is in the fire sector. The satellites have pin pointed its location to the eruption chamber of the volcano and the only creature who can survive jumping into the middle of a volcanic eruption is a demon or one with the gravity suit and so that’s where you come in. We need you to go into the eruption chamber, navigate the lava channels, retrieve the artifact and bring it back to the lab, Oh and also bio-scans indicate that there might a Magmoor or 3 or 6 so I would be prepared for some fighting,"

“That is all Sekmeleon, now go forth and find that artifact before evil finds it.” the avatar said.

Chapter 4: Sekmeleon gets PW3ND by his arch enemy AGAIN.

While Sekmeleon is on his mission the crimson demon and the avatar were walking around the temple and chatting up a storm about every kind of topic one could think of. Suddenly a covenant guard told him that some weird Protoss mutant/hybrid with a hood and skull wanted to know where Sekmeleon Oria was because he had to give him something, The demon told him that he was at the volcano looking for something. The then guard left to tell this “thing” the location.

A few hours later the avatar asked the demon what is taking so long for Sekmeleon to get that artifact. “I don’t know he should be back by now. Lets go see where he is at.” he told the boy and they both raced to the temple command center. Once there the crimson demon pulled up the satellite images from the volcano sector. Just as soon as the map was up an alarm sounded and the computer displayed a red alert. Immediately the map homed in on Sekmeleon’s position with an alert bubble connected to his biochip dot. The kid typed in some commands and pulled up Sekmeleon’s biosigns. “He’s been hurt, badly!” the avatar exclaimed. The Tarkatan samurai rushed over and took a look at the screen.

“He died in the lava but someone revived him. He’s in the artifact chamber but someone is beating the crap outta him. He is at critical level, but this can’t be right. Our data shows that the Magmoors are terminated, but not by Sekmeleon. Someone else is there too and his biosigns are bigger then his. Looks like i am going to have to bail his butt out again,” the crimson demon said.
1 hour later at the artifact chamber the Crimson Demon rose from the magma wearing the gravity suit. He found Sekmeleon on the ground all torn up and barely alive. Gouldolth was standing over him about to finish him off when the demon stunned him with a charged wave beam blast. This gave him just enough time to grab the artifact and Sekmeleon and escape with both. Another hour later Sekmeleon woke up at the temple hospital inside a regeneration tank. Once he was released he was informed about the events that took place.

YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE INTERFERED!!! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO DEFEAT HIM!!!” he yelled. “EXCUSE ME!?!  YOU WERE ABOUT TO BE MINCE MEAT!!! IF I HADN’T SAVED YOUR SORRY BUTT YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE RIGHT NOW!!!” the demon yelled back. “Any way the most important thing is that Gizoid is secured and yes Sekmeleon Oria if the crimson demon hadn’t been there to rescue you you would have been dead. So you should thank him.” the avatar said.

“Also now that you are healed, you have a fight to finish with you enemy Gouldolth. So get your butt to the city arena and fight. The crimson demon and Shao Kahn are waiting for you.” he said. 5 minutes later at the arena everyone was present there including the avatar to watch the kombat. “ROUND 1: FIGHT!” yelled Kahn as they started to tear each other apart. 1 hour later at the end of round 2 Khan yelled “FINISH HIM!” what happened next was to grisly for words. “GOULDOTH WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY! ULTIMATE BRUTALITY FATALITY!!!” Kahn yells. “Better luck next time Sekmeleon!” he said as he left the arena. All the kingdoms witnessed Sekmeleons defeat along with all the people on intergalactic TV. The footage was posted on outernet and meanwhile Valgar watched it at the hospital while getting himself pieced back together so to speak.


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