Space Pirate Science

Campaign: Space Pirate Science: Extermination

Pray for the people trapped inside. Prey that they never get out.

Inside an underground Orc fortress complex the Space Pirate Science Team found deposits of raw blue Phazon a couple hundred meters under it. Taking the opportunity to use this, a large research facility was constructed adding three more levels to the complex, and the orcs already inside would make ideal test subjects. Additionally safeguards were installed in fortress levels too in order to prevent incidents from occurring.

So while the orcs were conducting their usual cruel business, unknowingly beneath their feet the Science Team is working around the clock running experiments and doing research on all sorts of different lifeforms.

One day during a Phazon infusion experiment with an Orc whip torturer, the subject broke out of its status tank and escaped. The alarms all through the dungeon while the security command center displayed in ruby red text: CONTAINMENT BREACH! BIOHAZARD WARNING!.

A scientist working in the lab where the orc was running loose called security command over the red phone. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! SEAL THE BUILDING NO ONE IN OR OUT!” the man said over it.

At that moment, large blast resistant containment doors started sliding out of the walls throughout the entire facility, sealing off every sector one by one. The workers and scientists who try to flee become trapped behind the containment doors with no way out.

Meanwhile the orcs and other lifeforms in the other areas escape their containment units as well and feed on the people trapped inside the quarantine lockdown. Containment doors that were installed in the fortress levels begin to close and panic begins to spread throughout. Everyone in the fortress attempts to escape but are either killed in the chaos or trapped. Some are even crushed by the containment doors while struggling to get through them.

Only one person makes it out of the complex as the last containment door slams shut behind her. Now this survivor who made it out said the fortress and the laboratories beneath are filled with dangerous monsters that could potentially escape the facility despite the blast doors blocking off all sectors. And if they do, then the land is forever screwed.

Now she is seeking out the strongest and most valiant warriors and people to enter the fortress and slay every escaped experiment inside.

Untill then, prey for the people trapped inside. Prey that they never get out.



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